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Policies & Procedures

Board Policy C-7
Board Policy C-7 was approved by the Board of Supervisors in April 2006.  This policy outlines educational support resources that may be available to County employees.

Educational Support Program Policies and Procedures
In order to meet the goals of Board Policy C-7, the Educational Support Program Policies and Procedures outline the specific components, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and the departmental and employee responsibilities.

SEIU - Training Fund Policies and Procedures
The Educational Support Program – SEIU Policies and Procedures outline the eligibility requirements, application procedures, eligible and non-eligible expenses, and employee responsibilities, specific to SEIU members.

SEIU - Resolution for Training Trust Fund
This document was adopted in January of 2009, for the SEIU 721 Local Trust Fund and outlines the specific criteria for union member usage of the funds.

Formal Education Reimbursement Plan Document
This document outlines the Educational Support Program's compliance with IRS tax regulation Section 127.